The world's fastest & farthest flying light jet.


No Battle Plan Too Ambitious

The SJ30i is a tough soldier and can handle whatever your day demands. Eat breakfast in Hong Kong and greet shareholders in Mumbai that afternoon. Visit an acquisition target in San Francisco and make it back to Boston in time for the school play. No matter the mission, the SJ30i makes the world smaller and you more responsive.

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476 kts Speed
2,500 nm Range
49,000 ft Ceiling
Sea Level Cabin Altitude
I think the strongest differentiation the SyberJet has over other aircraft in this class is sea level pressurization. It's hard to convey the extra energy I have at the end of every SyberJet trip compared to a conventional aircraft. The speed, the ability to fly high (47 or 48,000 feet is easily attainable), and the efficient Williams engines all add up to low fuel costs per mile and less time in the air than competing aircraft. The two seats in the rear, the "owner seats", are the most comfortable in its class. My 91-year-old father agrees.Doug Robinson, SJ30 Owner


Stands at Attention to Draw Attention

From tip to tail, the SJ30i has commanding presence and is dressed to impress. You’ll turn heads on the tarmac with its naturally sculpted body and a paint scheme tailored to fit your character and style.

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Your Mobile Headquarters

Whether your trip is business or pleasure, the hand-crafted, 56-inch wide cabin of the SJ30i easily toggles between a productive office or relaxing hideaway in the sky. Its high-class comfort is constructed from the finest materials and is available in a variety of color schemes and options to match your personal taste and needs. With 2 seats in the cockpit and 5 in the cabin, seating capacity is optimized to balance flexibility and efficiency.

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Fight Better Under Pressure

The SJ30i counteracts variation in altitude pressure that typically fatigues the human body and causes drowsiness. Its unique construction boasts a 12-psi pressure differential that creates an unrivaled sea-level cabin up to 41,000 feet. Even at the SJ30i’s maximum altitude of 49,000 feet, the cabin feels as if it’s near 1,800. Whether you’re traveling to close a deal or race in a triathlon, the superior environment of the SJ30i protects your energy to ensure your peak performance when back on the ground.

SJ30i speeding down rustic runway.


Slice Through Resistance

The SJ30i is the most sophisticated light jet on the market. Engineered for peak performance and efficiency, it achieves the best possible balance of wing shape, aerodynamics and overall design. Its world-class performance isn’t magic; it is simply well-applied technology.

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Up-close view of SJ30i avionics screens, buttons and control columns.


A Continuous Feed of Sweeping Intelligence

The SJ30i introduces SyberVision, a more sophisticated, intuitive and intelligent avionics suite developed by Honeywell for the SJ30 series. In addition to countless best-in-class features that come standard, SyberVision can also be equipped with advanced options generally reserved for large jets such as IRS, CPDLC and satellite weather.

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Up-close view of gloved hand refueling SJ30 with jet fuel.


Keep the Stockpile Intact

The SJ30 is financially efficient to operate, helping to conserve your resources. It is certified by the FAA for single pilot operation and is up to 25% more fuel efficient than other high-performance jets, providing you with greater distance per gallon and fewer aircraft cycles.


Commence Your Crusade

Stand apart from the mainstream with a light jet that embodies the independent thinker and self-made mogul. Produced by a team of personable and tenacious innovators, the SJ30i doesn’t surrender to conventional wisdom. It writes its own rules. And it rules its class. It was built for you. Contact us to learn about how the SJ30i can serve any mission and help you conquer more.

Explore Special Missions Capability

Establish contact.

Let us introduce you to the fastest, farthest and highest flying light jet, the SJ30i. Just reach out.


SJ30 is certified to FAR Part 23 Commuter Category.





Overall Length46.80 ft (14.26 m)
Overall Height14.19 ft (4.33 m)
Wing Span42.33 ft (12.90 m)
Internal Width4.71 ft (1.44 m)
Internal Height4.30 ft (1.31 m)
Cabin Length12.45 ft (3.80 m)
Length from Forward to Aft Pressure Bulkhead17.60 ft (5.36 m)
Cabin Door Width2.67 ft (0.81 m)
Cabin Volume190.6 cu ft (5.39 cu m)
Takeoff Distance3,939 ft (1,200 m)3,942 ft (1,201.5 m)
Typical V Speeds (At Maximum Takeoff Weights)110 kts (204 km/hr)
Landing Distance (At Maximum Landing Weights)2,585 ft (778 m)
Typical Landing Speeds (V) at MLW102 kts (189 km/hr)
Stall Identification Speed (Landing Configuration at MLW)93 KCAS (172 km/hr)
Rate of Climb (Enroute) - Two Engine3,663 fpm (1,117 mpm)
Rate of Climb (OEI) - One Engine Inoperative793 fpm (242 mpm)
Certification Ceiling49,000 ft (14,935 m)
Single Engine Service Ceiling25,800 (7,863 m)
Cruising Speeds
Long Range0.76M / 436 KTAS / 808 km/hr
High Speed0.83M / 486 KTAS / 900 km/hr
NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm Alternate - M 0.76 (1 pilot + 2 passengers; passenger/pilot at 200 lbs each)2,500 nm (4,630 km)2,575 nm (4,769 km)
NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm Alternate Range - MCT (1 pilot + 3 passengers; passenger/pilot at 200 lbs each)2,129 nm (3,943 km)TBD
Maximum Operating Speeds1
Airspeed – VMO (Sea Level to 29,500 ft)320 kts (593 km/hr)
Mach – MMO (29,500 ft to 49,000 ft)0.83 M
Flap Extension Speeds1
Flaps 10 (Takeoff/Approach)200 kts (370 km/hr)
Flaps 20 (Takeoff/Approach)200 kts (370 km/hr)
Flaps 31 (Landing)170 kts (315 km/hr)
Landing Gear Operation1
VLE – (Extend)225 kts (417 km/hr)
VLO – (Operating)225 kts (417 km/hr)

1 Speeds in indicated airspeed.

Maximum Ramp Weight14,050 lbs (6,373 kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight13,950 lbs (6,327 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight12,725 lbs (5,772 kg)
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight10,500 lbs (4,763 kg)
Standard Empty Weight28,500 lbs (3,856 kg)8,600 lbs (3,901 kgs)
Maximum Fuel Capacity4,850 lbs (713 gal US) (2,700 liters)

2 Standard empty weight includes unusable fuel, standard avionics, standard interior, paint, first aid kit, flashlight, and oil.

Screenshot of SyberVision copilot primary flight display


Seeing the clouds.

Honeywell's SmartView™ is internationally recognized for its breakthrough flight crew interface technology. It provides pilots with a clear depiction of the terrain and potential obstacles exactly as they would see them looking out the cockpit windscreen, regardless of outside weather conditions. SmartView™ provides the flight crew with information often found in larger jet HUDs, but presented in a traditional head down environment. The new HUD-like symbols include a flight path marker, a path-based flight director runway outline, acceleration cues, zero pitch line and runway lead-in line.

Screenshot of map system as presented on SyberVision center display


A pilot's perspective.

Honeywell's patent pending interactive navigation (INAV™) map system enables crews to update and modify flight plans, waypoint lists, and all navigation objects with its patented graphical flight planning capabilities. INAV™ merges navigation and sensor data onto a single display and layers information including terrain, traffic and weather to provide pilots unmatched situational awareness on a single display. Worldwide navigation data includes terrain, airports, airspace, airways, navaids and geopolitical boundaries.

Screenshot of charts on SyberVision on lower multi-function display

Charts & Maps

Paperless cockpit.

SyberVision™ provides the pilot the availability to view approach, SID, and STAR charts directly on the MFD with geo-positioning for the ultimate in situational awareness. Charts are automatically loaded based on FMS data input by the pilot during flight planning.

Screenshot of system summary as presented on SyberVision display

Systems Synoptics

Intuitive control & sensing.

SyberVision™ provides real-time presentation of systems information via easy to understand synoptic displays. Synoptic displays provide at-a-glance information that allows the pilot to manage and monitor systems, increasing situational awareness of the plane's health. Superior understanding of aircraft systems and potential maintenance issues allow for decreased troubleshooting and improved dispatch ability.


Lean Arms

With an 11% thickness ratio, higher wing loading and a 30-degree sweep, the SJ30i wings substantially reduce drag, enable high-speed performance and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. In addition to the aft fuel tank in the fuselage, each wing has an integrated fuel tank controlled by automatic sequencing to maintain the aircraft’s center of gravity.

Landing Gear

Muscular Legs

On ground, the SJ30i has the stance of a fighter jet and dual wheels at every touchpoint. Its fully retractable landing gear tucks neatly inside the fuselage, reducing the thickness of its wings. Landing is graceful and cushioned by the energy-absorbing power of its trailing link on the main landing gear.

Engine Lip Pre-Cooler

Even Tempered

Rather than using ejector valves that decrease efficiency, the SJ30i continuously flows bleed air through the engine lips. This more efficient process cools the bleed air and keeps the engine lips warm. When additional cooling is needed, the air routes through the inlet barrel.

Wiring Harness

Rapid-fire Nerves

The SJ30i wiring harness is a complete redesign from that of its predecessor and is now certified to Part 25 HIRF standards. Its optimized and modular design enables faster aircraft delivery and reduces downtime by making installation and isolation of electrical faults easier.

Slats & Flaps

Double-Jointed Extremities

Utilizing a full span slat and Fowler flap design, the SJ30i can spend the majority of its time in cruise with a clean, high speed, low drag wing. However, takeoff and landing speeds are slow and stable and landing distances made short thanks to devices and wings patterned after transport category aircraft.

Introspective Cage


Prepare The Troops

The SJ30i and SJ30x are effective training platforms for airlines and military. In collaboration with customers, we configure our aircraft to meet specific training requirements and can develop a comprehensive training program tailored to individual needs. We not only deliver high performing, dynamic aircraft but also an outstanding value in acquisition and operating costs.

  • Advanced avionics for the most advanced cockpit training in the world.
  • High performance wing for large aircraft feel.
  • Three crew seats (jump-seat) configurations for dedicated or quick change training configuration available.
  • Single pilot approved.
  • Full motion flight simulators.
Introspective Cage

Air Ambulance

Efficiently Transport Worldwide

With its matchless sea level cabin to 41,000 feet and an ability to provide worldwide access at low operating cost, the SJ30 is the preeminent air ambulance. Its long range capability and high cruise speeds grant you maximum flexibility, especially when it counts. Whether you operate as a dedicated or quick change air ambulance, we can support your mission. Our standard medical configurations can allow for 2 pilots and up to 3 additional passengers or medical team members. For equipment, you can use one of our existing configurations or we can customize in cooperation with your medical equipment provider.

  • Sea level cabin altitude to 41,000 ft and less than 1,800 ft at 49,000 ft.
  • Low acquisition and operating costs.
  • Flat cabin floor height for easy loading.
  • 32 inch wide cabin door as standard.
Introspective Cage


Keep Distant Watch

Government, military and law enforcement agencies around the world can benefit from the features of an SJ30 aircraft for various intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Aircraft can be custom designed to include advanced EO/IR sensors, operator consoles with video display, voice/datalink satellite communications, external pods, and a variety of communication systems. With high performance and range capability, the SJ30 can meet the global needs of customers.

  • Both long range and loiter capable missions.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Sea level cabin for comfort and reduction in fatigue for operators.
  • Highly loaded wings provide very stable platform.
  • Long range over the water operations.