The result of uncompromising ambition and intelligent engineering.

Background Image: Original SJ30 protoptype. Circa 1990.

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Ed Swearingen (center) Reviews Design Plans


Dawning of a revolution.

The SJ30 program traces its roots to the late 1980s when aerospace pioneers Ed Swearingen and Sam Williams set about to revolutionize light jet design.

Prior to this time, most small jets were merely the design equivalent of twin turboprop aircraft with commonplace jet engines. Ed Swearingen, however, conceived the possibility for a new, light jet that leveraged the design sophistication of aircraft in the airline transport category and harnessed the power of a small, highly efficient jet engine by Sam Williams that had proven very successful in military applications.

The marriage of Swearingen’s design to Williams’ engine produced a jet that, to this day, has no rivals in aerodynamics or fuel efficiency.

Production Team Mounts Engine to SJ30
I thought if a light engine could be combined with advanced aerodynamic design then you’d really have something unique. The success of the SJ30 was all about getting the best possible balance of the wing shape, engines, aerodynamics and overall design. Our performance isn’t magic; it is simply well applied technology.

— Ed Swearingen
Aeronautical Engineer & SJ30 Creator


Faster. Farther. Higher.

SyberJet focuses on exhilarating performance by crafting the most intelligent designs and technology and producing the most sophisticated light jets in the market.

Every design decision centers on increasing performance and efficiency. Our approach generates leading edge aerodynamics, greater engine efficiencies, advances in avionics (reducing pilot workload and increasing safety), lean manufacturing processes (that also reduce aircraft weight), and revitalizing cabin technology for passengers. The collective result is light jets that fly faster, farther, higher, and more efficiently than the competition.

Diagram: Engine Lip Pre-Cooler redues bleed drag
Diagram: 30 degree swept wing reduces high-speed drag, area-ruled aft fuselage reduces drag near nacelle/fuselage connection


Small size. Giant leaps.

Although not as big as the competition, the SJ30 program has led the industry in many firsts. The following are a select few of the key industry and SJ30 program milestones.


Prepare for takeoff.

Today, we’re bringing the SJ30i to market and building infrastructure to support production growth and an expanding family of customers.

The SJ30i features the most intelligent avionics and interior ever developed for the SJ30 program. It is one of the first in the industry to incorporate elements of high-end, sports car interiors into the cockpit and cabin of a business jet. The new avionics suite, SyberVision, is designed to reduce pilot workload and increase safety. Certification of both the avionics suite and all-new interior is well underway.

SyberJet’s recent groundbreaking for the Completion & Delivery Center marks the cornerstone of campus growth in Cedar City, Utah. Ongoing expansion of capacity will support manufacturing plans for a full family of high performance aircraft.


No limits.

Our trajectory brings a family of fast, long-range aircraft with superior aerodynamic design, innovative engine technologies and advanced avionics systems.

Development of SJ30x has already begun and will be next in the SJ30 product line. With more powerful engines (the Williams FJ44-3AP-25), the SJ30x will climb more rapidly, will carry more payload, and will fly both higher and faster.

Our engineering team is ambitious and uncompromising. We employ state-of-the art tools, like Zuken E3 software for electrical wiring design and NX6.0 for research, development, and certification activities. We’re constantly focused on innovation. To go faster, farther and higher, our team simply doesn’t slow down. The result:

exhilarating performance.