A steadfast belief.

SyberJet traces its roots to the red colored mountains of southern Utah, wherein the hard-working community of Cedar City had been manufacturing aviation assemblies and components for decades.

For nearly as long, local business leaders had steadfastly believed that one day production would advance to assembling an entire aircraft and they would witness its maiden flight from the local airport. An achievement of this magnitude would make the area a major player in the worldwide aviation industry, expand the local economy and grow jobs. Anxious to make this dream reality, a tight-knit group of investors worked relentlessly to acquire the existing SJ30 program and establish SyberJet Aircraft.


It takes a village.

The SJ30 program began when aerospace pioneers Ed Swearingen and Sam Williams set about to revolutionize light jet design. Swearingen had conceived the possibility for a new light jet that leveraged the design sophistication of aircraft in the airline transport category and harnessed the power of a small, highly efficient jet engine by Sam Williams that had proven very successful in military applications.

By the time SyberJet acquired it, the SJ30 program had enjoyed significant financial and intellectual contributions from numerous stakeholders who believed in the product. Their efforts enabled the program to lead the industry in many firsts including recognition as the first Part 23 Commuter category jet, the only business jet with a sea level cabin, the world’s fastest light jet, and one of the most fuel-efficient jets.


Prepare for takeoff.

The SJ30 program was a natural acquisition target for southern Utah investors as the area was already producing 70% of the sheet metal parts and assembling the aft fuselage of the SJ30.

Acquisition of the program expanded SyberJet’s footprint to San Antonio, Texas where the existing SJ30 engineering team was already designing and testing aircraft. Today, development teams in Texas and production teams in Utah are jointly bringing the SJ30i to market and building infrastructure to support production growth and an expanding family of customers. Our industry position and influence are growing, marked by the international partnerships we have developed with European service centers.


No limits.

Our trajectory brings a growing family of fast, long-range aircraft with superior aerodynamic design, innovative engine technologies and advanced avionics systems.

Development of SJ30x has already begun and will be next in the SJ30 product line. With more powerful engines (the Williams FJ44-3AP-25), the SJ30x will climb more rapidly, will carry more payload, and will fly both higher and faster.

Our engineering team is ambitious and uncompromising. We employ state-of-the art tools, like Zuken E3 software for electrical wiring design, UniGraphics NX CAD for structural/mechanical design, Infor PLM engineering drawing/configuration management, Siemens FloMASTER for computational fluid dynamic modeling and analysis of fluid mechanics for complex piping, FEMAP finite element solver for loads and stress analysis, Infor Visual MRP system for manufacturing, ACRA data acquisition systems for flight and structural testing, as well as a host of company-developed software tools used to produce the most sophisticated aircraft design in class. We’re constantly focused on innovation. To go faster, farther and higher, our team simply doesn’t slow down—we throttle up.

Company Contacts

Utah Operations

597 N 1500 West
Cedar City, UT 84721
T: 435.238.7165 F: 435.586.0289

Texas Operations

411 Sandau Road, Hangar 3
San Antonio, TX 78216
T: 210.764.3500